Request for Hazardous Waste Generation Fee Waiver or Exemption

If your business hasn't generated any hazardous waste, but you received a fee notification, use this form to apply for a one year waiver (if you did not generate any amount of hazardous waste in the year billed) -OR- an exemption (if you never generate any amount of hazardous waste).


Submit your one year waiver or exemption request by the due date on your invoice to avoid additional interest charges that may apply.

When filling out your request you must:

  • Fill in all fields.
  • Provide the correct email address.
  • Provide the correct nine-digit account number.
  • Answer the questions that apply to your business type. If your business type is not listed please use the All Others section to provide a reason for your request.

Complete all of the questions on the form. The information is needed to make a clear decision on whether your business must pay the fee. Lack of information will result in a denial of your request for relief. You will receive a response to your request by email within ten business days.

* required field