Lummi Peninsula groundwater settlement agreement

A 2009 settlement between the United States, Lummi Nation, Ecology and landowners guides groundwater use on the Lummi Peninsula.

The agreement resulted from a federal court case, United States, Lummi Nation v. Ecology, et. al. It includes a description of water user responsibilities, water use limitations, metering, and chloride sampling requirements. 

Water availability

Not all properties within the area are approved to drill a well or connect to an existing well. Please contact us if you have questions on the status of legal water availability on your property.

See Exhibit A for a legal description and a map of the case area.

Meter installation Chloride testing Reporting forms

Annual reports

Chloride sampling

Federal water master's annual reports

The settlement agreement requires the federal water master to issue an annual report of the activities of the Federal Water Master’s Office. Each report summarizes requests for action, decisions or orders issued, and enforcement actions taken during the fiscal year.

Settlement and legal documents

All aspects of the agreement are now in effect. Below are key documents related to the settlement agreement:

On Nov. 20, 2007, Judge Zilly signed and filed the order and judgment in this case. The judge approved the settlement agreement as it was filed on Nov. 13, 2007, with amendments required by the court.