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CyrusOne Data Center, Quincy

Air quality notice of construction application

June 17, 2024, 12 a.m. - July 25, 2024, 11:59 p.m.

We propose to approve CyrusOne Data Center’s air quality notice of construction (NOC) application.

CyrusOne submitted a notice of construction application for their data center located at 1025 D Street NW, in Quincy. They requested to replace two previously-permitted (but not bought or installed) 750kW emergency generators for the administrative building. These two emergency generators were not bought because of facility construction delays. When the building was ready for the emergency generators, the specific approved model was no longer available.

CyrusOne requested to update their air permit (“approval order”) with two newer emergency generator models of the same manufacturer, size, and output, while maintaining their permit limits and conditions.

The emissions are not the same between the previously-permitted 750kW emergency generators and the newer ones. In some areas, emissions are slightly higher and in other areas, emissions are slightly lower. Overall, emission change is small.

Documents for review

We determined this proposal satisfies the requirements of Chapter 173-400 WAC. We plan to approve the application.

Public hearing CANCELLED

We did not receive a request for a public hearing by July 8, 2024
Tuesday, July 16, 2024, 6 p.m. online (CANCELLED)

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This notice was posted on June 17, 2024 and updated on July 9, 2024.


Data centers, sometimes called server farms, house the servers that manage email, store data, and run computer applications.  If you shop on the web or use social media, your information is routed through a data center.  Most of Washington's data centers are located in Quincy because the area has dependable, lower cost electricity.

A notice of construction permit is required before installing a new source of air pollution or modifying an existing source of air pollution. This permit is sometimes called a "pre-construction permit" because a business must have one before starting construction or operating their business.

A notice of construction air permit limits the amount of air pollutants a business can emit.

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