Hanford dangerous waste & mixed waste permits

We use the following permits to regulate cleanup of dangerous waste and mixed waste at Hanford. Underlying every permit condition is our mission to protect you and the environment.

Dangerous and mixed waste permits

Hanford site-wide permit

A tool for regulating dangerous and mixed waste at Hanford, the site-wide permit sets conditions based on Washington state laws and regulations that control the treatment, storage, and disposal of dangerous wastes across the Hanford site. We are required to establish the permit conditions by the dangerous waste regulations in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 173-303.

Air and water Hanford permits

In addition to providing oversight and permitting for cleanup of dangerous waste at Hanford, we provide oversight to the following permits at Hanford:

Hanford air operating permit

The Air Operating Permit (AOP) at Hanford protects you and air resources through coordination of permitting and regulatory issues associated with the federal Clean Air Act and the Washington Clean Air Act.

Of the three agencies that enforce the Hanford air operating permit, we are the lead agency. Our role is to regulate non-radioactive toxic and criteria air emissions; the Washington State Department of Health regulates radioactive air emissions; and the Benton Clean Air Agency regulates asbestos and outdoor burning.

Hanford wastewater discharge permit

The purpose of the wastewater discharge permit program (Chapter 173-216 WAC) is to regulate the discharge of waste materials from industrial, commercial, and municipal operations into ground and surface waters and municipal sewage systems. There are five wastewater discharge permits at Hanford.