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Secure your load for safer roads

When do you need to secure items in your truck or trailer? Every time you hit the road. Unsecured loads cause over 300 crashes in Washington every year and cause up to 40% of roadside litter — let’s change that.

Even if it’s a short trip, you’re going slow, or you’re hauling items that seem heavy enough to stay put, securing your load is vital to keeping roads safe and litter free. So, whatever you’re hauling — secure your load for safer roads.

Tips for secure loads

Questions to ask yourself

  • Would I feel my family was safe if they were driving behind me?
  • Will my load stay secure if I have to brake suddenly, hit a bump, turn a corner, or go uphill?
  • Is there any chance of debris falling or blowing out of my vehicle?
  • If it rains, will any of my cargo break down?
  • Did I double-check my load to make sure it’s secure?
2 out of 3 drivers always secure their loads, but we need everyone's help.

Spread the word

Talk to your friends, family, and co-workers and make sure they don’t hit the road before safely securing cargo. You can even point them to this website!

Call 911 if you see an unsecured load

If you see a dangerous unsecured load while driving, or you see something fall off a vehicle that could cause a crash or injure someone, call 911.

Unsecured loads = Big fines

Littering and driving with an unsecured vehicle load are against the law in Washington, with fines up to $5,000. Some local jurisdictions have stricter laws and may charge an unsecured load fee at their facilities.

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