Find your WRIA

You can use an address to look up your watershed, also known as a Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA).

We typically study and regulate water resources by WRIAs. There are 62 WRIAs in Washington. Knowing your WRIA can help you find information about water availability, regulations, and more.

How to find your WRIA

1. Open our statewide WRIA finder map (will open in a browser). 
2. Enter an address in the map search bar. If you lack a specific address, use the closest town name.
3. Click the magnifying glass search icon, or select a location from the drop down list.
4. A pop-up will appear, pointing to your location's WRIA boundary.
5. Click inside the WRIA boundary for the watershed details.

Need to start over? Click the house icon in the upper left corner to clear and reset the map.