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Procurement document public inspection

Ecology posts lists of its current procurement documents available for public inspection. The documents are available through our public records request process. We update the lists below after the procurements meet public notice requirements, depending on the document type and the matching state law.

View lists of recent procurement documents by selecting a tab below.

Interlocal agreements

Ecology posts before agreement effective date, per RCW 39.34.040.

Vendor Purpose Start date End date Ecology reference number Value Program
Oregon State University Coastal Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting 10/1/18 1/1/19 C1900055 $25,000 Shorelands & Environmental Assistance
Clallam County Conservation District Pilot Metering Program 10/8/18 12/31/27 C1900051 $565,392 Water Resources
Washington State Pollution Liability Insurance Agency Technical assistance to participants of the voluntary cleanup program for Leaking Underground Storage Tanks 7/1/18 6/30/19 C1900046 $108,000 Toxics Cleanup

Sole source contracts Emergency contracts