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We post lists of current procurement documents for public inspection. The documents are available through our public records request process. We update the lists below after the procurements meet public notice requirements, depending on the document type and the matching state law.

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Interlocal agreements

Ecology posts before agreement effective date, per RCW 39.34.040.

Vendor Purpose Start date End date Ecology reference number Value Program
U.S. Geological Survey Watershed Delineations and Technical Assistance 4/1/19 9/30/19 C1900120 $32,000 Water Quality
WA ST Department of Commerce Fuelmix Disclosure Database Maintenance 7/1/19 6/30/21 C1900119 $32,000 Air Quality
Northwest Fisheries Science Center/NOAA Juvenile Chinook Sampling - Skagit River 4/22/19 12/31/19 C1900116 $100,987 Environmental Assessment
Northwest Fisheries Science Center/NOAA Fish Migration and Survival Study - Strait of Juan de Fuca 4/22/19 12/31/19 C1900115 $180,768 Environmental Assessment
King County Department of Natural Resources Freshwater Algae Identification and Toxicity Testing 7/1/19 6/30/24 C1900114 $325,000 Water Quality
South Puget Sound Community College Applied Statistics Class for Environmental Practices 5/20/19 6/30/19 C1900113 $28,600 Water Quality
U.S. Forest Service Fawn Creek Culvert Replacement 5/1/19 12/31/19 C1900111 $125,000 Water Resources
WA State Patrol Secured Loads and Litter Enforcement 4/27/19 5/19/19 C1900092 $108,000 Solid Waste Management

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