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Procurement document public inspection

Ecology posts lists of its current procurement documents available for public inspection. The documents are available through our public records request process. We update the lists below after the procurements meet public notice requirements, depending on the document type and the matching state law.

View lists of recent procurement documents by selecting a tab below.

Interlocal agreements

Ecology posts before agreement effective date, per RCW 39.34.040.

Vendor Purpose Start date End date Ecology reference number Value Program
United States Geological Survey Collection of Basic Water Resources Data 7/1/18 6/30/19 C1900029 $77,795 Water Resources
Yakama Indian Nation Traditional Cultural Property Documentation and Cultural Resources Monitoring Assistance 7/31/18 12/15/19 C1900027 $59,595 Water Resources
Pacific Northwest National Lab, Department of Energy Salish Sea Model Tool Development and Application Support 8/15/18 6/30/19 C1900025 $90,000 Environmental Assessment
King County Oyster Shell Retrofit Effectiveness Study 8/31/18 4/1/22 C1900018 $273,605 Water Quality
University of Washington Benthic Index of Biotic Indicators (B-IBI) Implementation Strategy Development 8/1/18 6/30/19 C1900014 $136,721 Water Quality
WA ST Department of Natural Resources Quantify Stormwater Mitigation Values Associated with Individual Trees 8/20/18 12/15/21 C1900011 $379,495 Water Quality
Yakima Basin Joint Board Funding Option Development 8/1/18 6/30/19 C1900010 $35,000 Toxics Cleanup

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