Procurement document public inspection

We post lists of recent interlocal agreements, and sole source and emergency purchase procurement documents for public inspection. The documents are available through our public records request process. We update the lists below after the procurements meet public notice requirements, depending on the document type and the matching state law.

View lists of recent interlocal agreements, sole source, and emergency purchase procurement documents by selecting a tab below.

Ecology posts before agreement effective date, per RCW 39.34.040.

Vendor Purpose Start date End date Ecology reference number Value Program
King County Monitoring Study to Evaluate Effectiveness of Bioretention Facilities 5/17/24 11/30/26 C2400217 $203,133 Water Quality
WA ST Department of Fish & Wildlife Drought Support 4/17/24 3/31/29 C2400212 $2,252 Water Resources
Washington State University Consultation Work for Online Application OpenET 5/9/24 6/1/26 C2400207 $310,000 Water Resources
City of Stanwood Data Gaps Investigation and Cleanup Options Project 5/8/24 6/30/24 C2400206 $76,000 Toxics Cleanup
Western Washington University Facilitation of Focus Groups 5/1/24 6/30/25 C2400205 $38,000 Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction
WA ST Department of Enterprise Services Alteration Services 3/20/24 3/31/25 C2400201 $15,000 Administration
WA ST Commission on Hispanic Affairs Outreach, Marketing, and Technical Assistance 4/19/24 12/31/26 C2400200 $386,900 Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction
Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission Environmental Restoration on Marwood Property 4/18/24 4/30/29 C2400199 $0 Shorelands & Environmental Assistance
Pierce County Planning 6PPD-quinone Removal 4/18/24 12/31/24 C2400198 $33,200 Water Quality
Washington State University Irrigation Efficiency White Paper 5/1/24 4/30/26 C2400196 $108,000 Water Resources
Selah-Moxee Water District Drought Mitigation Reserve Agreement 4/18/24 2/28/25 C2400195 $375,000 Water Resources
Oregon State University Hydrologic Modeling 2/1/24 8/30/24 C2400194 $49,914 Water Resources

Ecology posts ten working days before the proposed effective date, per RCW 39.26.140(1).

Vendor Purpose Start date End date Ecology reference number Value Program
None at this time            

Ecology posts within three working days of start of work or contract effective date, per RCW 39.26.130(2).

Vendor Purpose Start Date End Date Ecology Reference Number Value Program
None at this time