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WAC 173-350-200 - Beneficial Use Permit Exemptions

Agendas and meeting notes from the advisory committee on section 200 on the WAC 173-350 rulemaking.

WAC 173-350-200 - Beneficial Use Permit Exemptions

Ecology staff lead: Chuck Matthews 

Focus: The beneficial use determination process is a tool for furthering higher end-uses for waste materials, and for promoting statewide consistency in oversight for beneficial uses of waste materials. Ecology may propose revisions to improve clarity and applicability. A work group is not proposed for this aspect of the rule. 

Update: The legislature is considering a bill that would grant Ecology the authority to develop an administrative process in rule for agency-sponsored beneficial use permit exemptions. The department is currently authorized to make such proposals only by actually revising the rule to address specific exemptions. Due to timing of the legislative session and the rule revision process, Ecology may have two alternatives for consideration during the informal public review process. In the event the proposed legislation is not passed, any proposed changes to WAC 173-350-200 will be minor with no substantive changes to the current application and review process. An alternative version of this section will describe procedures Ecology will follow to propose agency-sponsored beneficial use permit exemptions if the proposed legislation passes. Any new administrative process would likely follow the current public notification, review, and comment process for beneficial use determinations. Please send questions to w2rrulemaking@ecy.wa.gov