Solid Waste Handling Standards Rulemaking – Advisory Committee

In 2013, Ecology began a rulemaking process to update WAC Chapter 173-350, "Solid Waste Handling Standards." This rule covers waste management issues as diverse as used tires, surface impoundments, and incineration. These rules govern how individuals, businesses and governments can handle solid waste, what materials can be recycled, when permits are required, and a host of other issues. 

Because the activities regulated by the rule are so diverse, Ecology established a number of work groups to advise staff on potential changes to the regulations, rather than setting up a single advisory committee. This page contains the agendas and meeting notes from those work groups. 

The work group portion of our rulemaking process has concluded. Ecology is very grateful for the time and effort put in by the many stakeholder representatives who participated. Information provided below in the focus statement and any update for each area, represented Ecology's best assessment at the time they were posted. Information below does not represent the most current rule product.