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WAC 173-350-600 - Financial assurance

Agendas and meeting notes from the advisory committee on section 600 on the WAC 173-350 rulemaking.

WAC 173-350-600 - Financial assurance

Ecology staff lead: Madeline Wall 

Focus: No work group is planned for this section. The agency expects to address potential changes in financial assurance requirements in the context of rule revision work with stakeholders whose operations require financial assurance. Changes are expected to clarify confusing language and organization, to specify that local health authorities are the beneficiaries of financial assurance fund instruments, and with whom reports and audits are to be filed. We will examine adding the requirement to use state prevailing wages in closure and post-closure cost estimates, and consider removing insurance from the list of acceptable financial assurance mechanisms. Determinations as to the applicability of financial assurance will be addressed in other sections of the rule. 

If concerns become sufficiently complex, a work group may be formed. Please send questions to w2rrulemaking@ecy.wa.gov.