Procurement document public inspection

We post lists of recent interlocal agreements, and sole source and emergency purchase procurement documents for public inspection. The documents are available through our public records request process. We update the lists below after the procurements meet public notice requirements, depending on the document type and the matching state law.

View lists of recent interlocal agreements, sole source, and emergency purchase procurement documents by selecting a tab below.

Ecology posts before agreement effective date, per RCW 39.34.040.

Vendor Purpose Start date End date Ecology reference number Value Program
Western Washington University Literature Review of Cost of Compliance of Switching to more Evironmentally Friendly Products 10/26/21 2/1/22 C2200093 $10,000 Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction
WA ST Department of Fish & Wildlife Molecular Genetics Services for species diversity at Ecology sites 10/19/21 5/5/22 C2200091 $11,068 Environmental Assessment
WA ST Consolidated Technology Services Support for Modernize and Migrate project 9/24/21 12/31/21 C2200090 $5,400 Administration
WA ST Department of Health Radiological and project support to the Hanford Tri-Party Agreement (TPA) 10/1/21 9/20/22 C2200063 $462,242 Nuclear Waste
WA ST Department of Health Biologist Support to Hanford CERCLA Activities and Natural Resources Trustee Council (NRTC) 10/1/21 9/20/22 C2200062 $97,411 Nuclear Waste