Department of Ecology News Release - March 31, 2020
Updated: March 30, 2020

Statement from Ecology director on federal vehicle emissions rollback


Today, Washington state Department of Ecology Director Laura Watson issued a statement on the federal government adopting the "Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient Vehicles Rule":

“It’s disheartening that the federal government, in this time of national crisis, continues its efforts to roll back vital air quality protections. The so-called ‘Safer Affordable Fuel Efficient Vehicles Rule" adopted today flies in the face of nearly 50 years of state and federal partnership aimed at reducing air pollution and increasing vehicle efficiency.

“This rule will worsen air quality and increase greenhouse gas emissions, threatening public health and accelerating the damage caused by climate change. Built on a platform of shaky science and risky assumptions, this rule represents a roadblock to further progress on clean vehicles.

“We will consider all of our legal options, including challenging this rule in court, in order to protect the rights given states under the 1970 Clean Air Act, and to protect the lungs and health of our 7 million residents. We wish the federal government had reconsidered proceeding with this ill-considered rule at such a difficult time for our nation.”

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