Department of Ecology News Release - February 28, 2022

Environmental penalties issued for the 4th quarter of 2021


The Washington Department of Ecology issued $327,700 in penalties of $1,000 or more from October through December 2021. This includes a $304,000 fine to Tiegs LLC for illegally diverting water from the Columbia River in Franklin County without a water right. A detailed list of the violations and resulting penalties is available in the table below.

Ecology works with thousands of businesses and individuals to help them comply with state laws. Penalties are issued in cases where non-compliance continues after Ecology has provided technical assistance or warnings, or for particularly serious violations.

The money owed from penalties may be reduced from the issued amount due to settlement or court rulings. Funds collected go to the state’s general fund or to dedicated pollution prevention accounts.

Ecology strives to protect, preserve and enhance Washington’s environment and promote wise management for current and future generations. When someone pollutes Washington’s land, air or waters, Ecology enforces state and federal regulations in hopes of changing behavior and deterring future violations.

See more about compliance and enforcement.

Penalties for October-December 2021

County City Date issued Recipient Description Amount Media contact
Kitsap Bremerton 12/10/2021 Arnold Haskin Diesel spilled to Puget Sound when a vessel owned by Arnold Haskin sank at Brownsville Marina on Dec. 22, 2019. The spill was not prevented, contained or reported as required by state law. NEWS RELEASE $13,800 Jasmin Adams 360-464-0324
Clark Ridgefield 12/06/2021

Ridgefield Heights

Drew Rotschy

Improper stormwater management at Ridgefield Heights development resulted in muddy water leaving the site and discharging to neighboring properties. Dirty water was also pumped from a pond to a vegetated area and the company neglected to file reports as required under their construction stormwater permit. $2,000 Jeff Zenk,
Franklin Pasco 10/18/2021 Frank Tiegs, LLC Illegally diverted water from the Snake River/Columbia River McNary Pool to irrigate 250 acres of crops during the entire 2021 irrigation season. NEWS RELEASE The penalty is under appeal. $304,000 Jimmy Norris 360-480-5722
Jefferson Brinnon 11/05/2021 Wyatt (Keith) M Walstad Spilled 50.7 gallons of diesel to Pleasant Harbor on Hood Canal when a vessel owned by Wyatt M Walstad sank in December 2020. The spill was not prevented, contained or reported as required by state law. $3,600 Jasmin Adams 360-464-0324
Kittitas Kittitas 09/24/2021 R&P Logistics About 118 gallons of diesel was spilled on Nov. 25, 2019, when a semi-truck owned by R&P Logistics collided with another truck on Interstate 90 near Mile Post 53. The collision caused the second vehicle to release fuel to a ditch where it traveled to Coal Creek. $1,000 Jasmin Adams 360-464-0324
Pierce Tacoma 10/29/2021 Jacob Archer On May 27, 2021, a vessel owned by Jacob Archer sank at the Point Defiance boat launch, releasing 15.3 gallons of diesel to Puget Sound. The spill was not prevented, contained or reported as required by state law. $3,300 Jasmin Adams 360-464-0324

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