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Water Law 101 Episode 2
Hydrogeologist Mike Gallagher explains why the process of getting a water right can be so daunting to many applicants
30 ways to reduce food waste in Washington
The Use Food Well Washington Plan holds 30 recommendations to reduce food waste and create a more resilient food system.
Streamflow grant is dam helpful to Snohomish beavers
A 2020 streamflow grant in Snohomish is helping landowners live alongside beavers.
Celebrating Women and Girls in Science Day
Women and Girls in Science Day provides an opportunity to spotlight the importance of women in STEM. We're sharing insights from a few women at Ecology working in environmental science.
January floods deluge Chehalis River basin
After major floods inundated the Chehalis River basin in January, we assessed how some flood-damage reduction projects fared.
Tackling Toxics: A lasting tribute to a pollution prevention champion
Facilities are often interested in eliminating toxics — but employee buy-in is a critical requirement. That’s where Dr. Wolf and her team at PPRC come in.
Boots on the ground: Environmental service in partnership with Washington Tribes
Join us on a tour of some projects our Washington Conservation Corps has completed in partnership with Washington Tribes through the years.
Our work to rid schools and buildings of hazardous PCBs
Few would argue there are higher priorities than protecting children. We want to see that protection extended to those who work in the places where they spend vast amounts of time: schools.
New grant program funds cleanups to provide affordable housing
We are now accepting applications for our new Affordable Housing Cleanup Grant Program.
Water Law 101: Episode 1
Once a month, hydrogeologist Mike Gallagher explains Washington water law. This month he explains water rights.

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