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Innovative Regional Septic Loan Program partnership wins EPA and local awards
Our program was incredibly successful in its first year. It prevented 36 million gallons, equal to 55 Olympic-sized swimming pools, of wastewater from flowing into Puget Sound watershed.
New report compiles information about Washington’s groundwater health
A new report called the Washington Nitrate Prioritization Project identifies groundwater areas in the state that are most vulnerable to nitrate contamination.
Puget Sound Nutrient Watch: A new blog series

This Puget Sound Nutrient Watch looks at the importance of excess nutrients and how they affect Puget Sound.

Working together in Whatcom County to understand the manure-groundwater connection
This is a story about a gracious landowner who was willing to work with us so we could better understand connections between the use of manure on land and nitrate in groundwater.
Federal grants go toward repairing two Washington dams
Our Dam Safety Office regulates 1,055 dams. Many of those are doing just fine, but 409 pose a potential risk to people living and working below. We received funding to assist with two dam repairs.
Boots on the ground: Two deployments, two different roles

A WCC AmeriCorps member reflects on serving in both Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands for 30-days at a time, assisting communities after Hurricane Maria.

Around the Sound: Port Gamble cleanup is catalyst for habit restoration and preservation efforts
The Port Gamble cleanup is a great example of how cleanups can stimulate habitat restoration and preservation efforts!
Around the Sound: Port Gamble cleanup is a great success!
For 142 years, Port Gamble Bay had a sawmill operated by Pope and Talbott. It closed in 1995. Today, it is the site of the largest creosote-treated piling removal projects in Puget Sound.
Boots on the ground: WCC as a stepping-stone to disaster management career

A decade ago, Nina Rubenstein was swinging a pick-mattock on a WCC restoration crew. Today she serves as the emergency manager for Providence St. Joseph Health's Oregon region.

A day in the life of a WCC AmeriCorps member

Learn what a Washington Conservation Corps position is like from current AmeriCorps member Steven Quick.