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Eyes Under Puget Sound: Critter of the Month —The Heart Urchin
Unlike most sea urchins, which are round, heart urchins appear heart-shaped, elongate with a small depression at one end for the mouth.
Updated vessel study helps Washington prepare for (and prevent) oil spills

We have completed a year-long effort updating the 2010 vessel traffic risk assessment. The new risk assessment is an in-depth look at ship traffic through Puget Sound

$4.7M in federal grants conserve our biggest set of wetlands yet!

Happy World Wetlands Day! We're excited to announce that over 2,500 acres of wetlands will be conserved through this year’s National Coastal Wetlands Conservation grant awards.

Clean water funding continues to support local communities

This year, we’re proposing $188 million in financial assistance for 165 high-priority clean-water projects.

Penacho de la Fundidora Tacoma: Nuevo Material de Ayuda en Español

Ecología lanzó un nuevo programa de ayuda en Español. El programa “Dirt Alert” tiene un sitio web con una lista de más Acciones Saludables.

Tacoma Smelter Plume: New Outreach in Spanish

Ecology launched new Spanish-language outreach in Federal Way last month.

Eyes Over Puget Sound: A look at 2016 in photos

Learn about how the global climate affects water quality, see the impacts warmer waters had on Puget Sound, and compare photos from flights throughout 2016.

Ring in the New Year with the black-eyed hermit crab
The black-eyed hermit is never far from home, because it carries it along. Hermit crabs find protection from predators inside empty snail shells.
Watching the water supply
The balmy spring caused snowpack to melt at record rates. In early April, the state snowpack was slightly above normal. By late May, it was less than 50 percent of normal.
New commercial fish farm (net pen) management tools being developed: Provide your input on project scoping by March 4
Washington's 30-year-old management guidelines for commercial, marine fish farms (net pens) are getting an overhaul.

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