We help protect and manage 22,000 miles of state stream, river, lake, and marine shorelines.
We help protect and manage 22,000 miles of state stream, river, lake, and marine shorelines.

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Proposed settlement reached to restore habitats in Port Gamble Bay

The proposed settlement, now available for public comment, would require building two habitat restoration projects worth nearly $10 million.

Can’t beat the VEAT!

Knowing the number of vessels entering Washington waters helps us better understand oil spill risk and how it changes over time. This year marks the 30th anniversary of our VEAT report!

Reflecting on World Water Day and protecting Washington’s freshwater resources

Celebrating World Water Day and reflecting on Ecology's role in protecting state freshwater resources

World Wetlands Day

It's World Wetlands Day help us celebrate by learning more about Wetlands and how we're protecting them. 

Grant to help build coastal climate resilience

We received an $850,000 grant to support an innovative partnership to build climate resiliency in Washington's coastal areas.

Local partners using $3 million to safeguard critical shoreline areas

We are providing $3 million to help our partners safegurard their local shorelines.

Ecology funds all FCAAP 2023-2025 Competitive Planning Grant Projects

Ecology has funded all five applications for 2023-2025 Competitive Planning Grant projects under the Flood Control Assistance Account Program (FCAAP).

Washington state to receive $74.4 million in coastal and climate resilience funding
New funding from NOAA will invest $74.4 million across 14 projects in Washington state to enhance natural protections, create jobs, and support healthy environments.
Ecology gets six federal grants to protect 855 acres of coastal wetlands
We've secured close to $6 million in National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grants to protect about 855 acres of coastal wetland habitat.
Pilot projects designed to curb bank erosion showing success in Chehalis River Basin
The Office of Chehalis Basin has invested in projects that have dual flood reduction and ecosystem benefits. We recently completed two riverbank erosion management pilot projects.