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Explore your sweet (or bitter) side this Valentine’s Day with the western bittersweet
This Valentines day, celebrate our most complicated emotions and learn more about the western bittersweet.
Feb. 12, 1970 – a landmark day for environmental protection
On Feb. 12, we're marking the 50th anniversary of the Legislature passing the bill that created the Department of Ecology.
Working to solve the nutrients problem in Puget Sound
In 2020, we are taking a number of steps to reduce nutrient pollution from humans and clean up Puget Sound.
Eyes Over Puget Sound: Conditions still favorable for fish growth
During our monthly flight in October, we saw plumes of river water starting to flow into Puget Sound.
This creeping pedal sea cucumber might just give you the creeps!
Move over, bats and spiders! With its blood-red tentacles and scaly body, the creeping pedal sea cucumber might just be the next creature to haunt your Halloween nightmares.
Our scientists contribute to “global biodiversity library”
Last week I was in sunny Los Angeles for the third and final west coast invertebrate “bioblitz” of the summer — the LA Urban Ocean Expedition (LAUOE).
Ecology considers General Permit to control nutrients in Puget Sound

Excess levels of nutrients from human sources are harming Puget Sound. 

New app shows softer side of Puget Sound

Online tool shows examples of Puget Sound beaches where hard shoreline armoring was removed and environmentally-friendly solutions installed.

These wastewater treatment plants earn an A+ in clean water

Keeping a wastewater treatment plant in top-performing condition can be a tough job,  so every year we recognize these top-notch facilities and their operators.

New Tacoma park emerges from Superfund site

Dune Peninsula at Point Defiance offers walking paths, an amphitheater, and Puget Sound views on land that was once the ASARCO smelter slag heap.

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