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Homeless encampment cleanup will help protect Washington residents from contamination
Gov. Inslee’s proposed budget provides funds for homeless encampment cleanup and support, which protects the environment and people, including those experiencing homelessness.
Protecting human and environmental health with Safer Products for WA
Many of the products used every day contain toxic chemicals that escape into homes and the environment when they're used and disposed.
Despite challenges, recycling is still the right thing to do – for the environment and the economy

As the nation prepares to celebrate America Recycles Day on Nov. 15, remember the environmental and economic value that recycling brings, and see available online resources.

Recycle Right: How empty is empty enough? How clean is clean enough? How dry is dry enough?
Recyclables need to be empty, clean, and dry in order to preserve their value as a recycled commodity.
Prevention is key to lowering the cost of roadside litter
We've been partnering with WSDOT and the Washington State Patrol since April 15 to remind people of the law.
Washington litter czars welcome viral #Trashtag Challenge – but advise safety first
A new viral challenge aims to leave the world a little cleaner than we found it.
12 million pounds
This summer, Ecology, the Washington State Department of Transportation and the Washington State Patrol are working together to get the word out about litter prevention.
Ecology Youth Corps get it done!
Ecology Youth Corps across Washington wrapped up their season this week after picking up more than a million pounds of litter.
Around the Sound: Pier today gone tomorrow
We were able to contract with the Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe to remove the old, deteriorating Point Julia pier, as well as in-water and on-shore debris.
Ecology Experts Assist Craft Brew Alliance to Produce Better Beer with a Better Bottom Line
Our technicians worked with Craft Brew Alliance to help them identify where they could reduce waste and energy loss, and increase their efficiency.

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