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50 years of litter pickup and prevention
Maintaining the quality of scenic roads and the health of roadsides and what lies downgrade is a cornerstone of our work and serves as a thermometer to litter control efforts across the state.
Systemwide change to tackle plastic pollution no longer out of reach
The U.S. Plastic Pact is an ambitious initiative to unify diverse public and private stakeholders across the plastics chain to rethink how we design, use, and reuse plastics.
Secure your load: Prevent litter and save lives
National Secure Your Load Day is held annually on June 6th and encourages all drivers to properly secure their loads every time they drive.
Help reduce food waste by giving us your best ideas
We are working on a plan to reduce food waste in Washington by 50%, and we would like your help. The public has until May 29 to provide ideas on how to prevent food waste.
Cleaning up: How a light rail project keeps a landfill site on track
How do you build light rail and widen a freeway along the edge of a well-managed former municipal waste landfill? Very carefully!
Despite challenges, recycling is still the right thing to do – for the environment and the economy

As the nation prepares to celebrate America Recycles Day on Nov. 15, remember the environmental and economic value that recycling brings, and see available online resources.

Recycle Right: How empty is empty enough? How clean is clean enough? How dry is dry enough?
Recyclables need to be empty, clean, and dry in order to preserve their value as a recycled commodity.
Prevention is key to lowering the cost of roadside litter
We've been partnering with WSDOT and the Washington State Patrol since April 15 to remind people of the law.
Washington litter czars welcome viral #Trashtag Challenge – but advise safety first
A new viral challenge aims to leave the world a little cleaner than we found it.
12 million pounds
This summer, Ecology, the Washington State Department of Transportation and the Washington State Patrol are working together to get the word out about litter prevention.

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