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The Nestucca
The story of the 1988 Nestucca spill and how it changed spill response.
Cleaning Kendall Yards
A bygone legacy of steam engines. From an abandoned, contaminated site to shops and housing: the cleanup story of the West Spokane Railyard.
Washington’s Spill Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Program shows why it is a model for the nation
Ecology's Spills Program has released its Activity and Funding Report Report detailing the program’s work and funding sources while outlining challenges.
Saying no to drugs... and spills
History of Ecology's Spills Program's involvement in illegal drug operation cleanups.
From crashes to drug labs: A look inside Ecology's Spill Response Program
Ecology's Spills Program responds to spill emergencies, inspects chemical storage facilities, and cleans up a range of contaminated sites across Washington. Responder Sam Hunn gives us an inside look.
Crews safely remove, detonate dangerous chemical device

Homeowner finds poisonous theft deterrent in old safe. Ecology takes the chemicals and detonates them for safety. 

Ecology adopts rule to strengthen railroads’ oil spill response efforts

Ecology has adopted a new rule to strengthen railroads’ oil spill response efforts.

Preparing for a bad day: Oil industry practices saving wildlife during a spill

On July 12, 2018, 28 oil handling companies worked with expert contractors to demonstrate how ready they are to care for oiled wildlife, should Washington experience a tragic oil spill.

Remembering our oil spills legacy: Why Washington has an emergency response tug at Neah Bay

The recently passed 2019 Strengthening Oil Transportation Safety Act requires us to take steps toward safety of marine transportation and protection of the Salish Sea from oil spills.

Everett area could get nearly $4 million for habitat restoration

A proposed settlement could provide nearly $4 million to fund restoration sites in Port Gardner Bay and the Snohomish River that were damaged by industrial pollution.

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