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Ecology is responsible for keeping Washington waters clean and helping polluted waters recover.
Ecology is responsible for keeping Washington waters clean and helping polluted waters recover.

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What you need to know about dust storms in Washington
Dust storms can occur in Central and Eastern Washington every spring through fall. Here are some quick tips to help keep you safe.
Spokane River is getting cleaner with local task force’s help
A recent report shows success in reducing PCBs in the Spokane River watershed.
Fecal Matters: The 2022 BEACH report is in
Check out the new BEACH Annual Report to see how your beach fared in 2022.
Newest round of clean-water funding focuses on small communities
Our latest round of funding for clean water projects will provide more than $300 million to communities.
Ilwaco’s Bear Ridge Community Forest becomes a reality
With $500,000 from Ecology, and the support of other groups, Ilwaco's drinking water source is now protected for the future.
Saving Washington's salmon from toxic tire dust
After researchers pinpointed the toxic chemical that is killing coho salmon in freshwater, we got to work, alongside several partners, to protect coho salmon.
Helping state agencies control fish, invasive animals, and insects
We're currently working to issue the new Aquatic and Invasive Species Control general permit.
No dioxin found in Lower Yakima Valley groundwater
After two years of testing drinking water wells in the Lower Yakima Valley, Ecology has found no evidence of dioxin contamination. Our results provide reassuring data about drinking water safety.
Progress on the Voluntary Clean Water Guidance for Agriculture
We have more agriculture guidance chapters drafted for public review. This guidance will help protect water quality.
Sprague Lake water level study set to begin
We're partnering with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to help identify flood risk solutions for Sprague Lake.

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