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Ecology is responsible for keeping Washington waters clean and helping polluted waters recover.
Ecology is responsible for keeping Washington waters clean and helping polluted waters recover.

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Give your septic system the attention it deserves
It's SepticSmart Week! This week is an annual reminder to make sure your septic system is functioning properly and to take action to maintain and/or fix it.
Ecology considers putting outstanding waters in a class of their own
For the first time, Ecology is starting a rulemaking to consider putting four water bodies into a special category of protection, by designating them as "Outstanding Resource Waters."
New videos highlight the need to keep Skagit Valley streams wild and cool
Cold streams are crucial to protecting salmon and the wildlife that depend on them, including orcas. To help raise awareness of Skagit Valley’s warming waters, we’ve created four educational videos.
Clean water projects get a boost from the other Washington
We're awarding $317 million in grants and loans for 124 high-priority clean water projects across the state.
New rulemaking will update protections for aquatic life from toxic chemicals
Based on EPA recommendations and feedback, we started the process to update our aquatic life criteria to reflect new information about toxic chemicals.
Proper fish waste disposal matters for marinas
When cleaning your catch, be mindful where you spill your guts. It’s easy to toss fish waste into the nearest body of water, but this small action can have a large negative impact on marinas.
It’s time to talk about poop on the beach
Heading to the beach soon? Check our safe swimming map and help us keep beaches safe this summer.
New report details pollutant sources for Hangman (Latah) Creek Watershed
To further understand water quality issues in the Hangman Creek Watershed, we performed a pollutant source assessment in 2018. The results of the study are now available.
State provides new guidance for commercial marine fish net pens
New guidance available for commercial marine fish net pens in Puget Sound.
See a bloom, give it room
Use caution this spring, summer, and fall as seasonal algae blooms in your local lake could be toxic to you and your pets.

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