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Ecology is responsible for keeping Washington waters clean and helping polluted waters recover.
Ecology is responsible for keeping Washington waters clean and helping polluted waters recover.

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$215 million proposed for clean water projects across the state
Ecology is proposing to award $215 million in grants and loans for 89 high-priority clean water projects across the state.
Tackling nitrate contamination
Among our top priorities in Governor Jay Inslee’s 2020 supplemental budget is a request for $378,000 to expand monitoring for nitrates in Lower Yakima Valley private drinking water wells.
What do you do when the polluter is a mountain?
For decades, a slow-moving landslide has been exposing the side of Sumas Mountain. The landslide material contains naturally-occurring asbestos and heavy metals — and it all ends up in Swift Creek.
Updating fresh water rules to protect salmon spawning
We're taking a wide variety of actions to better protect and restore salmon and orcas.
Yakima River receives ‘water quality’ check-up
Our scientists are conducting a water quality checkup of the Yakima River to see how things are doing. We have been tackling water quality challenges in the Yakima River Basin for 20 years.
Slime on river rocks is a forensics tool for environmental scientists
While most of us may not appreciate the slime that grows on river rocks, Dr. William Hobbs and his colleagues have found slime useful for investigating the sources of toxic chemicals in the water.
Update to general permit that helps remove noxious weeds

Removing Zostera japonica, a noxious weed, from Willapa Bay Commercial Clam Beds.

Looking upriver: What's next for the Walla Walla watershed?
In October, stakeholders from Washington and Oregon will refocus and build on the Walla Walla Watershed Management Partnership to create a long-term water strategy.
Ecology considers General Permit to control nutrients in Puget Sound

Excess levels of nutrients from human sources are harming Puget Sound. 

These wastewater treatment plants earn an A+ in clean water

Keeping a wastewater treatment plant in top-performing condition can be a tough job,  so every year we recognize these top-notch facilities and their operators.

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