There's a new sign for a healthier Puget Sound

Marinas are using No Discharge Zone signs to help protect Puget Sound

Earlier this year, we launched our new Pump Out, Don’t Dump Out campaign to remind boaters that Puget Sound is a No Discharge Zone for vessel sewage and where to find pumpout facilities. 

We kicked off the campaign by offering free Pump Out, Don’t Dump Out signs for public and private boat launches or access points and marinas. We’re excited to announce that we’ve received orders for about 180 signs and have delivered about 130 of those across the Sound so far!

Man holding NDZ sign at the Port of Poulsbo

Thanks to those who have ordered signs – you are doing your part for cleaner water! We would love to share more photos of our signs on fences, posts or other highly visible locations. Please snap a photo and tag us on social media (@EcologyWA  #PumpOutDontDumpOut) or send us an email.

Sign reads you are now entering the No Discharge Zone. Pump Out, Don't Dump Out, It's the law. With a map of NDZ area in Puget Sound

Get your free signs

If you haven’t ordered your signs yet, please don’t delay! We have a limited supply and don’t want you to miss out on being part of this important movement. Here’s our tip: Request a sign with a map of the NDZ area- these signs also have helpful information about how to report illegal discharges!


Man and woman holding NDZ sign inside



Why is Puget Sound a No Discharge Zone?



Puget Sound is a unique and sensitive environment. Even small amounts of sewage from boats, which is highly concentrated and contains pathogens, can cause enough pollution to require shellfish harvest or beach closures. A No Discharge Zone (NDZ) means that vessel sewage cannot be dumped in the area and protects the water from preventable pollution.

More Pump Out, Don't Dump Out resources 

As a reminder, you can download all of the helpful Pump Out, Don’t Dump Out resources we created for this campaign. On our webpage you can find:

  • A fun and informative video about the NDZ, featuring our friend Sam the Clam.
  • A link to the free Pumpout Nav app which displays the location of pumpouts and now shows the NDZ boundary.
  • The new NDZ logo, infographics, and sample social media posts for you to use.

Vessel sewage has no place in Puget Sound! Let’s keep spreading the word and be sure to Pump Out, Don’t Dump Out when you're in Puget Sound!

For questions about the Puget Sound NDZ, please contact Jessica Huybregts or Evan Dobrowski.

Stacks of NDZ signs

We have all different NDZ signs ready to go - Contact our team today to get signs that will work for you and help protect Puget Sound!