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Wildfire smoke triggers report to EPA
In early September, dry conditions caused rapid fire growth, which filled the sky with dense smoke. This was bad news for air quality.
Se prepara un reporte a EPA como resultado del humo de los incendios forestales

In 2017, WA and the northern part of CA, OR, ID, MT were overwhelmed by smoke caused by forest fires.

Don't let ground-level ozone ruin your summer fun

It’s the time of year you want to be outside but we’re not excited about ground-level ozone. 

It's wildfire season — know how to protect your health and the environment
This summer, be prepared if smoke from wildfires affects your community.
Clean Air Month - Part 3

Learn how clean energy, alternative transportation, and electric vehicles protect the air.

Clean Air Month - Part 2

Follow these simple tips to help keep the air clean and healthy.

Clean Air Month - Part 1

Learn how we have helped improve air quality with the Washington Clean Air Act.

Dust wars

Dust storms can be an issue in Eastern Washington.

"How much clean air do we need?"

Learn how and why Washington adopted its own Clean Air Act.

Funds help farmers prevent soil erosion and protect air quality

Dry weather can cause severe air quality problems in Eastern Washington.

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