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You can help make products safer from toxics
Did you know there are thousands of chemicals in consumer products that scientists never tested for potential harms? The good news is our Safer Products for WA program is doing something about it.
Washington’s roadmap to addressing PFAS
PFAS have been in the news a lot lately. These harmful chemicals are widely used in commercial and consumer products. Thankfully, Washington now has a roadmap to address the problem.
Replacing toxic products with safer alternatives
The majority of chemicals that seep into peoples' bodies and the environment come from the products we use every day, which is why Ecology created the Product Replacement Program.
Making food packaging safer with alternatives to toxic chemicals
Consumers in Washington may soon see safer food packaging. We published a report identifying alternatives with fewer toxic chemicals.
Community concern inspires research to expand consumer product categories
This month, the Safer Products for WA program submitted our list of eleven consumer products in a report to the Legislature.
Safer Choice: Because you shouldn’t need a PhD to know what’s safe
You shouldn’t need a PhD in toxicology to buy cleaning products. But long, confusing ingredient lists on common household products leave most consumers wondering what is safe to use in their homes.
Product Replacement Program helps businesses tackle toxics
Last year, Ecology’s Product Replacement Program helped more than 30 dry cleaners transition to safer cleaning methods. Now, we’re determining which toxic chemical we should help replace next.
Women in Science: Arati Kaza

Chemist Arati Kaza is our quality assurance officer and this month's woman in science.

Testing for toxics

New testing by our product testing team found chemicals that could be toxic in children’s products.

Tackling Toxics: PCB problem requires creative solutions
We stopped using polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) 35 years ago, yet it continues to contaminate almost every water body in Washington.

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