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Bi-state partnership boosts understanding of Walla Walla River basin
Ecology is working with Oregon Water Resources and USGS on a comprehensive study of groundwater in the Walla Walla River Basin. This solid science will help inform future policy in the region.
Counting every drop in the Yakima Basin
A main goal of the water conservation element of the Yakima Integrated Plan is to modernize agricultural water systems to reduce waste from leaks, seepage, and inefficient delivery methods.
Earth Day at home – celebrate what makes Washington great (and our birthday!)
Washington's beauty is timeless, and personal choices to protect that beauty must be renewed every day.
Uncertain times won't stop progress in the Walla Walla basin
Interest groups are coming together - via videoconference - to plan a long-term water strategy for the Walla Walla River Basin.
How woody debris becomes orca food
Spring Chinook and other salmon species begin their life in streams and rivers that provide clean and cool water spawning grounds. This important habitat is found throughout the Columbia River Basin.
Ecology taking action to support orca and salmon recovery

Governor Inslee has directed Ecology to take the necessary steps to allow increased water to spill over the Snake and Columbia River dams during the spring season.

Irrigation association honors Columbia River office director

Tom Tebb, director of Ecology's Office of Columbia River, received special recognition during the Washington State Water Resources Association (WSWRA) annual conference.

Wood Fiesta: Improving floodplains in Yakima watershed

Dubbed the "Wood Fiesta," large wood is being helicoptered into remote and rugged terrain and placed in streams and floodplains to help improve habitat for native fish species.

Floating the Yakima River with a purpose

Warm water is becoming all too common in the summer months. So much so, that we have teams floating the river to document refuges of cooler water.

Watching the water supply

Months of unusually warm and dry weather continue to put pressure on the state’s rivers and streams.

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