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Plans for Nooksack adjudication are underway
Plans for water rights adjudication in the Nooksack Basin have raised a lot of questions. We have answers.
No dioxin found in Lower Yakima Valley groundwater
After two years of testing drinking water wells in the Lower Yakima Valley, Ecology has found no evidence of dioxin contamination. Our results provide reassuring data about drinking water safety.
Water Law 101: Episode 1
Once a month, hydrogeologist Mike Gallagher explains Washington water law. This month he explains water rights.
Clean & safe water for communities
This summer, scientists plan to sample 170 wells as part of the larger effort to address elevated nitrate in the Lower Yakima Valley.
Cleaning up: An update to the Landsburg Mine site cleanup plan
We're proposing changes to the cleanup plan for the Landsburg Mine site to enable response, if needed, if monitoring detects 1,4 dioxane above action levels.
Bi-state partnership boosts understanding of Walla Walla River basin
Ecology is working with Oregon Water Resources and USGS on a comprehensive study of groundwater in the Walla Walla River Basin. This solid science will help inform future policy in the region.
Partnering on safe well water in the Lower Yakima Valley
Recently, an independent advocacy group shared with us a study identifying several chemicals in groundwater that caught our attention.
Watch your step: there’s not always solid ground beneath you
It's nice to be outside in this lovely fall weather, unless the ground gives out from under you and you find yourself looking up at those blue skies from the bottom of an abandoned water well.
Proper care of your water well can be a matter of life and death

Every year people and animals are injured or killed from a fall into an abandoned or improperly covered water well.

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