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Ecology's Dirt Alert program gives information about how to protect yourself from arsenic and lead pollution in soil.
Ecology's Dirt Alert program gives information about how to protect yourself from arsenic and lead pollution in soil.

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Su lugar en la mesa de Productos más Seguros de Washington
Los Departamentos de Ecología y Salud están combinando esfuerzos para reducir sustancias toxicas en productos al consumidor, bajo el programa Productos más Seguros de Washington.
Columbia Gorge smelter cleanup, redevelopment considered
Cleanup plans taking shape at former Columbia Gorge Aluminum smelter near Goldendale.
See a bloom, give it room
Use caution this spring, summer, and fall as seasonal algae blooms in your local lake could be toxic to you and your pets.
Your seat at the Safer Products for Washington table
Nearly 400 people filled out the Safer Products for Washington survey, and 95% of those people said yes, I am concerned about harmful chemicals in consumer products.
Our work to rid schools and buildings of hazardous PCBs
Few would argue there are higher priorities than protecting children. We want to see that protection extended to those who work in the places where they spend vast amounts of time: schools.
30 Years of Toxics Reduction and Pollution Prevention
As of 2021, Ecology's Hazardous Waste and Toxics Reduction Program has been working on pollution prevention for over 30 years.
You can help make products safer from toxics
Did you know there are thousands of chemicals in consumer products that scientists never tested for potential harms? The good news is our Safer Products for WA program is doing something about it.
Washington’s roadmap to addressing PFAS
PFAS have been in the news a lot lately. These harmful chemicals are widely used in commercial and consumer products. Thankfully, Washington now has a roadmap to address the problem.
Tackling Toxics: Aerospace Company transitions to safer vapor degreasing
The Pollution Prevention Resource Center collaborated with Ecology to help Valence Surface Technologies (also known as MAPSCO) to stop using a toxic chemical in their vapor degreasing operation.
Nutrient pollution modeling shows different futures for Puget Sound
This week, we shared our latest Salish Sea modeling results, which are moving us another step forward on regional efforts to reduce nutrients.

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