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Ecology taking action to support orca and salmon recovery

Governor Inslee has directed Ecology to take the necessary steps to allow increased water to spill over the Snake and Columbia River dams during the spring season.

After 40 years, Acquavella adjudication is coming to close

The upcoming May 9, 2019, "‘water day" in Yakima County Superior Court is one we’ve been working toward for more than 40 years.

Investing in communities to turn blighted properties into affordable housing

Ecology is funding projects in six cities to help clean up contaminated properties – and help with the housing crisis.

Wetlands around the world protect communities while helping fight climate change

Wetlands around the world protect communities while helping fight climate change. Learn about how a community in Okanogan County is restoring Triple Creek wetlands.

Reining in dust in the Horse Heaven Hills

It’s no secret that Eastern Washington can get windy. And that’s not a problem… until that wind picks up loose soil and sends it aloft.

Wood Fiesta: Improving floodplains in Yakima watershed

Dubbed the "Wood Fiesta," large wood is being helicoptered into remote and rugged terrain and placed in streams and floodplains to help improve habitat for native fish species.

Celebrating cleanup in Cashmere's Mill District

Cashmere's historic lumber mill district is now ready for redevelopment thanks to cleanup efforts.

Floating the Yakima River with a purpose

Warm water is becoming all too common in the summer months. So much so, that we have teams floating the river to document refuges of cooler water.

Even on the 'dry side' we can have healthy streamsides
Riparian restoration experts face many challenges including poor seedling survival, slow tree growth, disconnected floodplains, livestock damage, and competition from noxious weeds.
Innovative Water Solutions
The efforts began decades ago. The goal: to meet water needs for families, farms, forests, and fish without fighting.

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