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Public hearing - Spokane, video conference

Dangerous Waste rulemaking

September 28, 2018 10:00 AM

On August 9, 2018, Ecology proposed amendments to the Dangerous Waste Regulations, Chapter 173-303 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC). We expect to adopt new rules January 2019.

The proposed revisions include recent changes to the federal hazardous waste regulations and changes initiated by the state. We had intended to also propose dangerous waste pharmaceutical regulations similar to Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2015 proposed hazardous waste pharmaceutical rule. We decided not to do this, since we discovered there could be significant changes between EPA’s proposed rule and the final adopted regulations. We intend to restart our rulemaking process for this set of rules in the near future, as EPA has indicated they intend to adopt a final regulation this fall.

In response to informal public comments we received last fall on our draft revisions, we changed:

  • The definition of “weekly inspection.”
  • Language about hazard labels.
  • Clarifications on other unclear language.
Documents for review

ADA accommodation

If you need accommodation, please submit your request by September 21, 2018.

To request ADA accommodation for disabilities, or printed materials in a format for the visually impaired, call Hanna Waterstrat at 360-407-7668 or email hanna.waterstrat@ecy.wa.gov. Persons with impaired hearing may call Washington Relay Service at 711. Persons with speech disability may call TTY at 877-833-6341.

We write rules to implement and enforce state and federal environmental laws and rules.  Ecology follows a 3-phase process for rulemaking:

  1. Announcement and development
  2. Proposal
  3. Adoption

For each phase of the process, we update the rulemaking web page and notify interested parties. We also file notice in the Washington State Register. To learn more about Ecology’s rulemaking process, read the Frequently Asked Questions.

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Ecology Eastern Regional Office
4601 N Monroe St
Spokane, WA
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September 28, 2018 10:00 AM
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Rob Rieck
Rulemaking Coordinator
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Comment period

Chapter 173-303 WAC, Dangerous Waste Regulations — Proposed rulemaking

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To request ADA accommodation, call Ecology at 360-407-6831, 711 (relay service), or 877-833-6341 (TTY). More about our accessibility services.