Aquatic weed control technical assistance

Invasive and non-native aquatic weeds threaten the health of lakes, rivers, and streams. Invasive plant growth impairs fish and wildlife habitat and interferes with recreation.

We provide lake communities with technical assistance to help manage and identify problem aquatic plants. Contact our aquatic plant specialist for advice on managing invasive freshwater plants. Search our lake and river database to learn the health of your lake. We can also help with aquatic plant identification and explain methods for native plant control.

Help with controlling freshwater plants

Invasive, non-native aquatic plants are a serious threat to the health of lakes, rivers, and streams throughout the state. Excessive invasive plant growth impairs fish and wildlife habitat and restricts recreational activities.

Our aquatic plant specialist provides advice to those who need to remove or manage invasive plants in lakes and rivers. We can:

  • Identify aquatic plants.
  • Advise on aquatic plant management, and monitoring methods.

We can also assess plant communities, especially if there is a concern about an invasive non-native plant. We visit lakes and rivers to follow up on projects funded by the aquatic weed management fund.

Aquatic plant data and research

We conduct research and monitoring of selected aquatic-weed-control methods.