FAQ: Evaluate options to clean up homes and small businesses

If you're dealing with contamination in your home or small business, these FAQs can help you find cleanup options and evaluate their costs and benefits.

Who is responsible for cleaning up my property? What can property owners do to test their property? How do I find out if my private well or water supply is contaminated? What is hazardous waste and how do I know if it's toxic or hazardous? What cleanup options can I do using a cleanup contractor, Ecology's assistance, or myself? What is Ecology's role in the cleanup process? What costs or fees are associated with cleaning up toxic waste? Is financial assistance available to help pay for my cleanup? What assistance does Ecology provide to home and small business owners who find contamination on their property? Where can I safely dispose of contaminated materials during or after cleanup? What else do I need to do after cleanup work is completed?