Exploratory rulemaking for Chapter 173-460 WAC – Controls for New Sources of Toxic Air Pollutants

This rulemaking is on hold.

We’ve started exploratory rulemaking to update Chapter 173-460 WAC, Controls for New Sources of Toxic Air Pollutants.  This rule applies to businesses that emit toxic air pollutants to:

  • Provide specific criteria and conditions for permitting new or modified sources.
  • Build on the standard permitting framework for new sources.
  • Establish emission thresholds for about 400 toxic air pollutants.

Exploratory rulemaking

Exploratory rulemaking is a different approach to updating a rule.  Instead of updating the rule all at once, we're making changes through multiple rulemaking actions:

  1. Update the list of toxic air pollutants based on recent health information.
  2. Look at other updates to the rule:
    • Consider other possible changes based on stakeholders' feedback.
    • Prioritize the changes.
  3. Start other potential rulemaking(s).

Public input

Date Discussion Topics Location
Aug. 8, 2018
1 p.m. – 3 p.m.
Your ideas about what could be changed.
  • How protective of our health is the current structure?
  • What updates and efficiencies can we add?
  • How can we streamline or standardize implementation?
  • Where can we add flexibility?
Ecology, Lacey (map to location)
webinar *
March 29, 2019
time to be determined

on hold
Bring your ideas about what could be changed.
on hold through 2020
Read comments.
Ecology, Bellevue
Northwest Regional Office

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Public comment period

Read comments.

Rulemaking timeline

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