Puget Sound Nutrients General Permit

Discharges of excess nutrients, particularly nitrogen, to Puget Sound from domestic wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are significantly contributing to low oxygen levels in Puget Sound. As these WWTPs are contributing human sources of excess nutrients to Puget Sound, we must take action to control this pollution.

On January 30, 2020, we announced our decision to move forward with developing a draft Nutrients General Permit in Puget Sound. The proposed Nutrients General Permit would apply to nearly 70 domestic WWTPs discharging to marine and estuarine waters of Puget Sound.  

The Nutrients General Permit will focus only on controlling nutrients and work in conjunction with the WWTPs’ existing individual permits. The exact permit conditions are still to be determined, but we will work with stakeholders throughout 2020 to develop a general permit draft. If you have questions about your facility and the proposed general permit, please contact your individual permit writer.

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Working with stakeholders

We will convene a stakeholder advisory committee to guide permit development with an anticipated draft permit available for public comment by the end of 2020. In conjunction with the general permit development process, we will continue to draft and issue individual NPDES permits with nutrient-related conditions.

Individual permits

Individual permits reissued during the Nutrient General Permit development period will contain facility specific nutrient requirements. For WWTPs who would like more information on how this will impact your individual permit, please contact your permit writer.

Permit Documents

  • Public comments from our preliminary determination to develop Nutrients General Permit.