Municipal stormwater permit history

The municipal stormwater permits are generally issued every five years. 

More than 20 years of permit history

We have documentation and history of the municipal stormwater permits going back to 1995.

Included in our history we have:

  • Notes from the working groups
  • Public comment records
  • Responses to comments
  • Draft documents with edits redlined in
  • Fact sheets 
  • Other documents

Many of these documents are currently in our permits database PARIS: 

Our website is in transition

We recently updated our website to a new platform and not all of our historical documents are available online yet. We know that you reference these documents and we are working to make them available to you in an easy format as soon as possible.

If you need a document immediately please contact us. Otherwise, we will notify all permittees once our full history is available.