Advance notice of oil transfer

We have requirements for advance notice of oil transfers (ANT) to help prepare for and prevent oil spills to Washington's environment. Our rules establish requirements for bulk oil transfers over water, and for providing notice of crude oil being transported by rail and pipeline through the state.

Advanced notice of oil transfer helps us streamline compliance inspections for over-water transfers. It allows local emergency responders to prepare for oil-related incidents from rail and pipeline transport. We provide guidance to regulated businesses and vessels for submitting advanced notice of oil transfer.

Over-water oil transfers

Step-by-step data entry for delivering vessels and facilities.

Oil movement by rail

Oil movement by pipeline

Emergency responders

Emergency response agencies can access data on rail shipments of crude oil that enter Washington. These users, such as cities, counties, first responders, and tribes, do not submit transfer notices but are authorized to view them.

ANT regulations