Waste codes

Waste codes are four-character codes that describe the type of waste and the risks it represents. You need waste codes to complete the Dangerous Waste Annual Report. Waste codes are available on the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest in box 13. 

Federal waste codes

Federal waste codes begin with F, K, P, U, or D: 

Washington state-only waste codes

Washington has some waste codes that are not covered in the federal definition of hazardous waste. Washington state-only waste codes begin with a W and fall into two categories

Designate your waste for Washington state-only criteria.

The codes are:

  • WP01—Persistent dangerous wastes, halogenated organic compounds (EHW).
  • WP02—Persistent dangerous wastes, halogenated organic compounds (DW).
  • WP03—Persistent dangerous wastes, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (EHW).
  • WPCB—Wastes that designate as state-specific PCB sources (DW).
  • WT01—Toxic dangerous waste, extremely hazardous (EHW).
  • WT02—Toxic dangerous waste (DW).
  • WSC2—Solid or semi-solid corrosive waste (DW).

State-only dangerous waste might also be a special waste.