Statewide SEPA register

We publish a web-based searchable statewide SEPA Register.  It includes all SEPA and NEPA documents submitted to Ecology. 

Procedure for submitting documents

Big changes coming in early 2021

In early 2021, the statewide SEPA Register will be transitioning to an online portal for SEPA lead agencies to create records and upload documents directly into the database –instead of submitting documents via e-mail.  Stay tuned for more information!

In the meantime, we’re preparing for this change and accommodating the difficulty with producing and sending hardcopy documents and devices to Ecology through the regular mail.

Ecology no longer requires the submittal of hardcopy EISs to our office. We recommend that you continue to expeditiously provide hardcopies to the public, other agencies and Tribes upon request – according to your SEPA procedures and public notice requirements.

Lead agencies are responsible for submitting documents promptly to us using our established procedures via email to the All documents submitted for posting on the SEPA Register must be received in an electronic format (via e-mail or direct website link for downloading).


Tips and reminders:

  1. Any SEPA document with a comment period must be submitted to the Register including:

    • Determinations of Nonsignificance (DNS)
    • Mitigated Determinations of Nonsignificance
    • Notices of Application /Optional DNS process
    • Draft Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)  — including Draft Supplemental
    • Determination of Significance/Scoping notices
  2. All Determinations of Nonsignificance and Notice of Applications (NOA) using an Optional DNS process must include the Environmental Checklist — unless there is an adoption of previous SEPA or NEPA document.

  3. Some documents without a comment period must be submitted to the Register including:

    • Determination of Nonsignificance/Notice of Decision using Optional DNS process
    • Determination of Significance with Adoption Notices
    • Notice of Action Taken
    • Final EISs
  4. Some SEPA documents and all NEPA documents are not required to be submitted, but Ecology enters them into SEPA Register if received.  These include but are not limited to:

    • Determinations of Nonsignificance (DNS) without a comment period: Note: Please include checklists
    • Interagency pre-threshold consultations  — or “draft checklists”
  5. ​​​Please send us your documents prior to or on the day of issuance so we can upload them as soon as possible. The SEPA comment period and public notice provisions are determined by the day the document is sent from the lead agency. It is not the date we post SEPA documents on the register.

  6. We do not notify the lead agency a document has been posted to the SEPA register. The register gets updated instantly and lead agencies can check the SEPA register to ensure the document was correctly listed on the database.

  7. Please include detailed location information for site-specific proposals so the Register can be better integrated with geographic mapping databases. Good options include providing the complete street addresses and/or latitude-longitude coordinates.

  8. It is not necessary to send us a scanned copy of a “wet” signature. This PDF format produces an excessively large file. Instead, include the name of the person signing and the date, then convert to PDF electronically instead of manually scanning a signed hard copy.  Send them to us as a .doc, .docx, .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, or .png file type.

    • Email to Each email message should be no larger than 30 MB. In the email text, please be sure and include the type of SEPA document, a description of the proposal, date of issuance, and the lead agency contact information.

    • Include a Web link if applicable. Please post additional information with large file sizes — such as maps, site plans, reports, and other information that's needed to review the SEPA submittal. Please provide a link to the lead agency’s website so it can be included in the SEPA Register record.