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Statewide SEPA register

We are required to publish a web-based State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) register. This database is updated daily, posting all environmental documents we require for public notice. We are responsible for maintaining procedures how agencies should submit documents to be entered in our database. All SEPA lead agencies are responsible for submitting documents in a timely and accurate fashion.

Procedure for submitting documents

Lead agencies are responsible for submitting documents promptly using our established procedures. All documents submitted to the SEPA register must be received in an electronic format. Currently, we can only able accept these documents via email or computer disk.

Due to distribution requirements under state SEPA rules, we cannot accept documents submitted for the register through a web or FTP site link. This is due to the transitory nature of websites. However, we are happy to include the web address in the database record.

What SEPA documents are required to be submitted?

  • Any SEPA document with a comment period such as:
    • Determinations of nonsignificance (DNS)
    • Mitigated determinations of nonsignificance
    • Notices of application / optional DNS process
    • Draft Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
    • Scoping notices
Please note: All Determinations of Nonsignificance and notice of applications using an optional DNS process must include the checklist.
  • Final Environmental Impact Statements
Please note: All EIS documents, whether they are draft, final, or supplemental, must include one hard copy and one electronic copy.
  • Optional Determinations of Nonsignificance including:
    • Notices of decision
    • DS / notices
    • Notice of action taken

What documents may be submitted?

  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents such as:
    • Notices of intent (NOI)
    • Notices of scoping
    • Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
    • Environmental assessments (EA)
    • Findings of no significant impact (FONSI)
    • Record of decision (ROD)
Please note: NEPA records are included if they have been submitted to us for proposals affecting Washington state.
  • Determinations of Nonsignificance (DNS) without a comment period: Note: Please include checklists.
  • Interagency pre-threshold consultations

What documents should not be submitted?

Any document that is not a SEPA or NEPA document or notice. Submit non-SEPA permit or program-related notices directly to the applicable regional SEPA contacts.

When should documents be submitted to Ecology?

Please send us your documents on the day of issuance (or one day prior). Note that the SEPA comment period is determined by the day the document is sent from the lead agency, not the date we receive it.

We do not provide notification to the lead agency that a document has been posted on the SEPA register. The register gets updated instantly and lead agencies can check the SEPA register to ensure the document was correctly listed on the database.

How should they be submitted?

  • Electronic version Send us one electronic copy and one hard copy, although only a hard copy is required for EIS. These can be submitted as a read-only Microsoft Word file while a PDF version is preferred. Please note: It is not necessary to send us a scanned copy because this form produces an excessively large file. Instead, include the name of person signing and the date instead of scanning a signed copy.
  • Email to: separegister@ecy.wa.gov. Each email message should be no larger than 30 MB. In the text of the email, please be sure and include: The type of SEPA document, a description of the proposal, date of issuance, and the lead agency contact information.
  • Web link To download additional information such as maps, site plans, reports and other information needed to review the DNS, please provide a link to the lead agency’s website.
  • Mail a CD A Instead of submitting electronic documents by email, we also accept compact disks.  

Email and mailing address for environmental impact statements (CDs or hard copies)