EIM submit data

Ecology partners and PLIA, submit your environmental monitoring data to EIM online. Includes:

  • Biosolids monitoring.
  • Cleanup sites (VCP, PTAP, formal, corrective action).
  • Ecology grant and loan recipients.
  • Landfill monitoring.
  • NEP grants (some).
  • NPDES receiving water studies.
  • Sediments (including bioassays).
  • Stormwater (SAM, municipal permit).
  • Water quality data for 303(d) and 305(b) Clean Water Act (CWA) assessment.

Don't submit DMR data to EIM (see Water Quality Web Portal).

You should already be working with Ecology or PLIA to submit data to EIM. Exception: you can submit CWA data any time.

Unsure if you should submit your data to EIM?  Contact the EIM Team.

Make an EIM Loader account; follow these steps

(For detailed instructions, download How to Submit Data to EIM).

Go to SecureAccess Washington (SAW)


Link to EIM Loader from SAW

Add EIM Loader service. Select:

  1. "Add a New Service" button.
  2. "Department of Ecology" from the agency list.
  3. "EIM Loader" from the service name list.
  4. "Apply" button.

Link to EIM Loader. Select:

  1. "My Secure Services" tab.
  2. "EIM Loader" from your services.

Make a user profile in EIM Loader

  1. Select "Make a User Profile" and follow instructions. If your organization isn't in EIM, make a new EIM organization account first.

Submit your data: basic steps

Need help? Contact your EIM data coordinator, assigned when you made your Loader account. Also, visit the EIM Help Center or contact the EIM Team.

  1. If you are new or need a refresher, watch the EIM training videos.
  2. Download and follow How to Submit Data to EIM or How to Submit Time-Series Data to EIM.
  3. Download data entry templates and template help documents. Tip: Print template help documents in color.
  4. Log into EIM Loader.
  5. Enter study information into form in Loader.
  6. Enter data into templates.
  7. Submit completed templates.
  8. Work with your EIM data coordinator to finalize your submittal.
  9. Receive notice of completion.