EIM submit data

Our Ecology partners can submit their environmental monitoring data to EIM using our online data loader. Examples of partner data include voluntary and formal cleanup sites, sediments, stormwater, Ecology grant and loan recipients, and landfill and biosolids groundwater monitoring. EIM does not take permit-related data, with the exception of biosolids and NPDES receiving water studies.

You already need to be working with Ecology to submit data to EIM. One exception — you can submit your water quality monitoring data if you want it included in the 303(d) and 305(b) Clean Water Act water quality assessment. If you are unsure if you should submit your data to EIM, use this form to contact us.

Steps to create a new EIM Loader account

Create or access your SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account


Link to the EIM Loader from your SAW account

If you want to follow along with pictures, see How to Submit Data to EIM.

Add the EIM Loader service to your account by selecting:
  1. "Add a New Service" button
  2. "Department of Ecology" from the agency list
  3. "EIM Loader" from the service name list
  4. "Apply" button
Link to the EIM Loader by selecting:
  1. "My Secure Services" tab
  2. "EIM Loader" from your services

Make a user profile in the EIM Loader

  • Select "Make a User Profile" and follow the instructions
  • If your organization isn't in EIM, make a new EIM organization account first

For step-by-step instructions, see How to Submit Data to EIM.

Basic steps to submit your data

After making your EIM Loader account, get ready to submit your data. Your EIM data coordinator, assigned when you made your account, is here to help you — contact them any time. You can also visit the EIM Help Center or contact us through our form.

  1. If you are new or need a refresher, watch the EIM training videos.
  2. Download and follow How to Submit Data to EIM or How to Submit Time-Series Data to EIM.
  3. Download the data entry templates and template help documents.  Print help documents in color.
  4. Log into the EIM Loader via SAW.
  5. Enter your Study information into the form in the Loader.
  6. Fill out the templates with your data.
  7. Submit your completed templates.
  8. Work with your EIM data coordinator to finalize your submittal.
  9. Receive notice of completion.