2021 Long-Term Water Supply & Demand Forecast

Sockeye salmon spawning in gravel, grant county farmland and irrigation canal seen from air, and young child playing in a small wading pool
Every five years we update our information on what the water supply and demands will be in the Columbia River Basin over the next 20 years. With the Washington Water Research Center at Washington State University, we're working to draft the 2021 Columbia River Basin Long-Term Water Supply & Demand Forecast. A final report will be submitted to the Legislature later this year.

Assessing changes to Columbia basin water resources 

The forecast assesses how environmental and economic changes, and human responses impact water resources (supply), and in turn seeks to predict future water demands in light of these changes. Legislators, water managers, and our Office of Columbia River use the forecast to direct policy decisions for drought resiliency, and to meet water needs in the years to come.

The forecast is one tool used to decide where to invest in water supply projects that have the greatest chance to meet demands and improve flows for fish under future conditions, as well as a range of other planning and water management actions.

Public Participation

Workshops on the 2021 Draft Columbia River Basin Long-Term Water Supply & Demand Forecast were presented by WSU researchers, and feedback sought during a comment period held from June 2 to July 2, 2021. That information will shape the final report, due by the end of 2021.

Questions? Please contact Jennifer Stephens: Jennifer.Stephens@ecy.wa.gov, 509-575-2396