Office of Columbia River legislative reports

Every year we prepare reports and analyses for the Legislature to support our work on developing long-term water supplies in Eastern Washington. These reports aid water managers in making decisions on how to achieve program goals meeting both instream and out-of-stream benefits throughout the Columbia River basin.

These reports include:

  • Annual water supply inventory reports discussing current water supply projects
  • Long-term water supply and demand forecasts to determine future water supply needs
  • Yakima River Basin integrated Plan legislative reports, and voluntary regional agreement reports

Reporting our work

The Legislature tasked us to aggressively seek new water supplies for both instream and out-of-stream benefits in the greater Columbia River basin of Eastern Washington. In response, the Office of Columbia River was created. This office focuses on developing new water supplies through storage, conservation, and voluntary regional water management agreements. Reports covering these water development actions are due to the Legislature every year, every odd year, or in five-year increments.

Columbia River looking east near Lyle, Washington