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Ecology provides the high-quality science that is the foundation of Washington state environmental policy. Our monitoring, assessment, and modeling services provide a data-rich understanding of our state’s land, air, and water. We provide access to that data through reports, databases, maps and user-friendly online tools.
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Effectiveness monitoring for water quality
Our scientists study the effectiveness of projects to protect and improve water quality.
River and stream flow monitoring
We report the amount of water flowing through Washington’s rivers and streams using graphs and maps.
Measuring bluff erosion in ​Clallam County
​We collected scientific data about bluff-backed Dungeness and Elwha beaches and spits to measure erosion.
​Shoalwater Bay berm monitoring
We monitored the Willapa Bay shoreline to assess how a flood-protection berm changed over time.
Puget Sound feeder bluffs
Protecting the cliffs that feed Puget Sound beaches with sand and the beaches that depend on them.
Soos Creek SAP Appendix 1: 7-DADMAX thermal record graphs
7-DADMAX thermal record graphs for Soos Creek Watershed Temperature and DO TMDL Study and Analysis Plan, Appendix 1
Soos Creek SAP Appendix 3: Discharge, water temperature, air temperature graphs
Discharge, water temperature, air temperature graphs
Water Quality Fiscal Year 2013 - 2015 Biennium Outcomes Report
2 year report on Water Quality projects funded by Ecology, covering Fiscal Years 2013 through 2015
Clean Watershed Needs Survey - Calendar year 2018 Overview
This document provides an overview of the calendar year 2018 cycle of the Clean Watershed Needs Survey process for reviewing state watersheds to make a list of their water issues and needs
Washington State 2014 Comprehensive Emissions Inventory
This document describes the methods and data used to estimate emissions for 2014.
2019 Ambient Air Monitoring Network Plan
This report describes Washington's air monitoring network and how Ecology will operate its air quality monitoring stations in the next year.
Verification of Continued Attainment in Limited Maintenance Areas
This document summarizes the calculations for verification of continued attainment of National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) in Washington's Limited Maintenance Areas.
Washington Air Quality Advisory
The Washington Air Quality Advisory (WAQA) tells you when air quality is healthy or unhealthy.
Presentation (WAC 173-444) 01/14/20
This is a presentation for the 1/14/20 stakeholder meeting for Chapter 173-444 WAC, Clean Energy Transformation.
Marine water & sediment monitoring
We conduct water and sediment long-term monitoring to identify ecosystem changes.
BEACH annual report
See our annual county-by-county report on bacterial levels at saltwater swimming beaches for 2018.
Data collection methods
We collect beach topography and nearshore bathymetry data using GPS, boat-based lidar, and sonar.
Coastal Monitoring & Analysis Program projects
Learn about coastal mapping and monitoring projects around Puget Sound and Pacific coast.
Long-term changes in sediment
We monitor Puget Sound seafloor habitat, sediment, and invertebrate communities.
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