Cleanup Rule exploratory rulemaking

The Cleanup Rule (Chapter 173-340 WAC) sets standards and procedures for cleaning up contaminated sites under Washington's environmental cleanup law, the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA).

We are currently in the process of updating this rule. We are updating it in several stages, called rulemakings, over 10 years, and each rulemaking will focus on selected topics. This approach will help speed adoption of the changes that are most urgent for people who use the rule.

We used an exploratory rulemaking process to identify priorities for updating the Cleanup Rule.

How can I participate in the Cleanup Rule update?

How the exploratory process helped shape the Cleanup Rule update

Participants who attended the statewide listening session in April 2018 provided many ideas on which topics we should consider as we update the Cleanup Rule. The online event was hosted in Bellevue and at our region offices in Lacey, Union Gap, and Spokane. You can download the webinar slides and read the suggested rule changes we received through this process.

Rule changes suggested by the public during the Cleanup Rule Exploratory Rulemaking between February 14 and May 11, 2018. Download a text description of this chart.

How long will it take to update the Cleanup Rule?

We plan to update the Cleanup Rule in stages (several rulemakings) over the course of 10 years. Your input during the rulemakings will help us plan our work over the coming years.

Exploratory rulemaking communications

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