Recycling Development Center

The Recycling Development Center is a new Ecology program spearheading efforts to create a more sustainable and cleaner recycling system for Washington.

Contamination in the recycling stream has prompted major recycling trade restrictions, turning markets upside down and leading to growing piles of recyclables with nowhere to go but the landfill. To solve this problem, Washington must find new end markets and reduce contamination in its recycling stream.

Searching out solutions for a suffering recycling system

The Washington State Legislature established the Recycling Development Center in July 2019. This law tasks the Recycling Development Center with facilitating research and development, marketing, and policy analysis to bolster recycling markets and processing in Washington.

Initially, the Recycling Development Center will focus on businesses that convert or remanufacture waste into new products, especially mixed waste paper and plastics. We are also partnering with the Washington Department of Commerce, which will provide business, marketing, and technical assistance to support the public and private sectors.


Recycling Development Center advisory board

The Recycling Development Center consults with a 14-member advisory board. This board advises Ecology and Commerce as we explore changes to state policies and improvements to recycling markets.

Learn more about the advisory board.