Put litter in its place. A banner image showing people depositing a cup, bottle, and paper bag into correct receptacles, including a vehicle litter bag.

Put litter in its place.

More than 75%
of Washington residents
choose to not litter.

Every year, more than 26 million pounds of litter accumulates on Washington roadways. Even though litter is a big problem, there’s a simple solution. Use a litter bag in your car and throw your trash in a bin.  Your small daily actions make a big difference.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Get a litter bag for your car

A vehicle litter bag slung around a shifter knob. Either fancy or plain, litter bags promote proper disposal of commonly littered items.

A litter bag is a handy place to keep waste in your car until you can toss it into a garbage can or recycling bin!

Whether you spring for a fancy one or use a bag you have lying around, a litter bag keeps your ride tidier, keeps the state litter free, and sets a good example for others. You can find a litter bag or make your own:

  • Repurpose an existing bag or container — like a shopping bag, small waste basket, or plastic tub.
  • Check the cleaning or automotive department at a retail or auto supply store. 
  • Shop online to find the right litter bag for you — search for “car trash can” or “car trash bag.”


Not littering...simple as that

The logo for the We Keep WA Litter Free campaign: A yellow sun setting (or rising) over mountains and a highway.

Learn more ways we can all keep Washington litter free. See how.

Is litter really that big of a deal?


Litter isn’t just ugly — it’s dangerous and expensive. Roadside litter causes hundreds of car crashes every year. Many types of litter, like cigarette butts, leach harmful chemicals into the environment. Despite our best efforts, litter is a growing problem. Even with millions of dollars of cleanup efforts every year, we can only collect a fraction of the litter accumulating in our state. With a car litter bag and a little bit of effort, you can help keep our state healthier, tidier, and litter free.

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