Litter studies

Litter studies provide information about the types, amounts, distribution and sources of litter in the state. They can also provide valuable insights on residents' attitudes and behaviors around littering. This information helps inform and evaluate litter prevention efforts over time.

2022 Litter Composition and Generation Study

We conducted a comprehensive litter study throughout 2022. This is the first litter study in Washington in nearly 20 years. We sorted and measured litter from sampling sites along Washington roadways, on-off ramps and in public areas. Having current data on the types, amounts and sources of litter helps us develop strategies to prevent litter and measure progress over time.

2022 Washington State Litter Study 

2022 Litter Study Fact Sheet

2022 Litter Study highlights and infographics

Check out this Story Map to see where we measured litter, how many pounds of litter are on roadways and public areas each year, the most littered items, and the amount of litter covered by Washington's litter tax.