Streamflow restoration planning

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Provide comments on the WRIA 10 and WRIA 12 plan environmental review

We completed an environmental review of the Puyallup-White (WRIA 10) and Chambers-Clover (WRIA 12) watershed plans. We are asking for public input on the review through May 23, 2021. Please provide your comments to help us improve our environmental analysis.

Completamos una evaluación ambiental del planes de la cuenca Puyallup-White (WRIA 10) y Chambers–Clover (WRIA 12). Estamos solicitando comentario público sobre la revisión hasta el 23 de Mayo de 2021. Por favor provea sus comentarios para ayudarnos a mejorar nuestra revisión ambiental.

Ecology, planning groups, and technical consultants have been developing or updating watershed plans in 15 water resource inventory areas (WRIAs) since January 2018. Planning takes about three years. You can use our interactive map that shows where the law applies. Seven of the 15 watersheds have now completed watershed plans or a rule. Planning groups in the remaining watersheds are finalizing their plans.

In a nutshell

  1. Watershed plans are prepared, approved, and submitted by watershed planning groups.
  2. We review the approved watershed plans and determine whether they meet the minimum requirements of the law.
  3. We then adopt submitted watershed plans by the deadlines set by legislation or move into rulemaking. 

Track streamflow restoration planning

Learn about what's happening in the 15 watersheds, also called water resource inventory areas (WRIAs).